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This app is for a pediatrician that wants her user to have quick access to solutions to their child ailment. Ask questions about your child’s health and get answers from trusted paediatricians and other qualified medical professionals

The ATP app helps increase your child health intelligence and get all your questions about your children’s health answered. Easily surf through the “Topical Articles” to learn more or ask new questions and get answers


This is an on-demand healthcare app, that people can use to request for the services of health care staff.

MMB HomeCare is a secured platform that enables users to book appointment with registered healthcare professionals to attend to them or their loved ones in the comfort of their own home or workplace for an agreed fee.

* Instant booking of verified healthcare professionals from any location.
* Access to a wide range of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists and home care attendants.
* Provisions for the safety of customers both patients and healthcare professionals.
* Confidentiality of customers’ health interactions.
* Waiting rooms eliminated.
* Geographical barriers to participating in the care of loved ones from distant locations eliminated.
* Healthcare delivered within the privacy and comfort of customers’ home.
* Access to personalised healthcare.


This is a basic mobile app for monitoring all payments made on the merchants account.

The TransferPay Notifications application helps in displaying all the transactions carried out your TransferPay account and gives the user quick access to view the transactions

The User can click on the fetch new transactions to view the latest transactions.


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